Communication services for businesses

SFG Yhtiöt Oy is a privately owned domestic group offering communication and administration services.

The group includes Line Carrier Oy, which offers communication and operator services, and Oy DialOk Communications Finland, a specialist in outsourced customer service and switchboard maintenance.

More than 2,000 customer companies

The group’s solutions have been delivered to more than 2,000 customer companies. Our customers operate both in the private and public sectors.

Group companies

Line Carrier

Line Carrier

Line Carrier is an agile company operator.

Line Carrier combines traditional voice solutions and ICT software into one entity.



DialOk is a switch board maintenance and customer service professional.

DialOk offers outsourced customer service, switch maintenance and back office solutions.

Our values

The values ​​guide us in our daily work and tell us how we act in relation to our customers, partners and colleagues.


I value and respect the work, time, decisions and investment of my colleagues, customers and partners in everything I do. I am polite and stick to the agreed schedules and take care of the environment and our community’s comfort.


I can trust that the agreed things will stick or if it is not possible for some reason, the matter will be brought up openly and honestly and the alternatives will be discussed. I myself act accordingly, so you can trust my word and the performance I promise.


I take responsibility for my actions and act according to the jointly agreed rules of the game. I also point out the deviations I have observed, so that we can act together responsibly and in an agreed manner towards our entire community.


I handle the tasks entrusted to me in the best possible way and in such a way that I can proudly feel that I have produced well-being not only for myself but also for our entire community, customers and partners, in a way that is profitable for business.